We offer a large variety of services for all sorts of projects. Please see some of our more notable projects, below, for some structures you may recognize.

Here are some of our more notable commercial projects we have done in recent years

  • Pender Community, Pender NE – July 2015
    • foundation, footing, walls, slabs, back fillings, floors, sidewalks, handicap ramp
  • Peru State College, Peru NE – August 2015
    • curb and gutter, crosswalks, and approach with in-drain system installed
  • Terrace Park, City of Lincoln NE – October 2015
    • half basketball court, plaza, sidewalk, picnic area (included wide footings, & holes for a future canopy post)

New Concrete Construction

Foundations play an important role in the structural integrity of a building or drive. One of the things that differentiates us from the competition is that we don’t add water in the finishing process. Water drastically weakens under heavy foot traffic so dilute and spray e-con in the concrete which works to retain moisture and provide the strength you need in concrete.

Concrete Demolition

Otherwise known as ‘tear-outs,’ we are able to break up concrete slabs, whether with a sledgehammer or jackhammer depending on the nature of the demolition. Of course, we execute proper disposal methods in compliance with standard rules and regulations. Sometimes we will have to remove concrete to help with additions of new concrete.


If you’re looking to remove or replace anything concrete, we are your guys to get it done! If you have cracks that are deep or widespread, we can help. Often the weight of large vehicles or improper preparation of concrete when installed can be the main cause of these problems. Maybe your concrete has sunk in the ground due to rain damage or, again, improper installation. Maybe the ground has frozen and the moisture has pushed the concrete upwards. Whatever your reason for replacement, we will make sure that we do everything we can to avoid it happening again and discuss with you the possible causes after examining your project.


From small residential driveways to industrial, agricultural, and commercial drives, you can rest assured that we will make sure the best standards and practices are in place to ensure your new driveway lasts as long as possible and within reason in regards to the elements.


We excavate the area you’d like your patio and make sure to pour the slab and keep it smooth so that it is level and comfortable for any use. You’ll be sure to have straight sides and of course we will strengthen the patio slab with steer bars.


Is there anything people love more than walking on fresh, flat, smooth, and comfortable sidewalks? We are confident you’ll love our work and get that same satisfaction that you might not have experienced in a while.

Floor Slabs

There are several common mistakes that we actively work hard to avoid. With appropriate preparation, mixes, placement, finishing, and curing, you can look forward to an attractive and durable floor for years.

Parking Lots

What is more important than the customer experience? Part of your customer’s first impression will most assuredly be sub-conscious and first realized from the moment they pull into your parking lot. We will assess the strength requirements to avoid shrinkage, cracking, overall damage and wear/tear from the elements to make sure that it lasts for years to come.

Concrete Stamping

Are you looking for a way to enhance your business, home, or municipality? Stamped concrete brings your concrete to life with a textured look. Flexibility in design is probably the reason that stamped concrete is so popular. We can shape, texture, and color the concrete to bring any imitated natural material to life. Depending on the surrounding architecture, this may even compliment it and tie everything together very nicely for you and any onlookers.


Foundations are one of the most important things we can do for any building. You can let the weight rely on us for years to come!

Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can beautify many landscapes by keeping soil retained when it would otherwise smooth into a more natural sloping shape. We are more than capable and familiar with proper procedure for soil preparation and backfill compaction in accordance with local building codes.

Concrete Steps

We can create beautiful steps, in any manner you choose, with appropriate precautions taken to ensure the highest quality final product.

Agricultural Projects

We have done extensive concrete work on dairy farms, hog barns, and concrete padding for farmers in addition to commercial and industrial projects.